Your Gift to Community Benefit Programs at St. Mary Medical Center 

St. Mary is situated in a Long Beach neighborhood that is home to some of the city’s most vulnerable residents.   The community knows St. Mary for its exceptional inpatient health care and Emergency Room.   But also for comprehensive Community Clinics and Community Benefit Programs, which seek to provide the highest quality care to the uninsured and maintain the dignity of each individual.  In 2015, St. Mary Medical Center provided $40 million in community benefit to those in Long Beach. The following are some of St. Mary’s most recognized and notable programs: 

The CARE Center: The only full service organization in south Los Angeles County providing medical treatment, prevention, testing, nutrition services, social services, housing & drug rehabilitation referrals, and psychological services to persons living with HIV/AIDS.

  Families in Good Health (FiGH): Health education and outreach program, including benefits enrollment. FiGH addresses social determinants of health and institutional power dynamics in Central Long Beach through multiple strategies that align with Long Beach Building Health Communities’ initiative.
  Mobile Care Unit: Originally purchased to provide asthma outreach and respiratory diagnostic services to individuals of all ages in communities nearest the Port of Long Beach, the Mobile Care Clinic’s expanded mission brings primary care and cardiology directly to the communities of Long Beach, Wilmington, and the surrounding cities.
  Low Vision Center: Identifies and treats vision deficiencies through free vision screenings, referrals to free optometrist visits and free glasses, occupational therapy classes, CCTV Loan Program, assistive devices and optical aids to community members of any age.
  Bazzeni Wellness Center: Focuses on the physical health and well-being of adults 50 years and older with programs and services in:  fall prevention, exercise, social services, home visitations, and Library & Resource Center.
  Maternal and Child Health: Awarded the Baby Friendly Hospital designation in 2015, includes Labor and Delivery (L&D delivers 3,000 newborns a year), Postpartum and Neo-natal Intensive Care Units.
  Sr. Sabina Sullivan Women’s Health Center: The only provider in the Long Beach area offering comprehensive, culturally-competent breast cancer diagnostic services for women of all age groups and men, regardless of their ability to pay.  The Women’s Health Center was the first in Long Beach to offer digital mammography.