Sister Alphonsus Tallon Circle of Philanthropists

The Sister Alphonsus Tallon Circle of Philanthropists honors Sr. Alphonsus’ seventy years of dedicated service to the citizens of the Long Beach area. Through her work as a nurse and spiritual leader, Sr. Alphonsus, who passed away in 2004, was beloved by thousands of people whose lives she touched during her seven decades at St. Mary Medical Center.

The Circle of Philanthropists group recognizes those who have provided for St. Mary in their estate plans through gifts that include wills, trusts, insurance policies, annuities, real estate, charitable trusts or gift annuities. 

In addition to honoring Sr. Alphonsus and creating your own charitable legacy, many of these estate commitments provide significant income and tax benefits for you and your family. The Circle of Philanthropists members receive a special plaque and are honored as our annual recognition luncheon. Naming opportunities are also available to honor or memorize members and/or loved ones.

For more information, please contact the Foundation office at (562) 491-9225. 

 Circle of Philanthropists Members 


A Legacy That Lasts 

If you want to leave a legacy that lasts beyond your life, the Sister Alphonsus Tallon Circle of Philanthropists could be just the right choice to help you realize your philanthropic goals. We invite you to explore our gift options, to discover the many ways you can make a difference. 

Gift Options 

WILL AND LIVING TRUST BEQUESTS allow you to pass on to St. Mary Medical Center any amount that you wish, free of estate tax. You may chose to give a designated sum of cash, a specific property (including real estate, stocks, etc.), or a percentage of your total estate, with or without restrictions. 

A CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST is a combination of gift and investment, where assets are placed in trust and you and/or your beneficiaries receive either a fixed or variable income for life or a term of years. Most charitable trusts are funded with highly appreciated securities or real estate because of the tax-exempt nature of the trust. Once the trust terminates, the trust proceeds are then used to support the charitable purpose of St. Mary Medical Center. 

A CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST allows you to transfer assets to family with significant estate tax savings. A lead trust is the opposite of a charitable remainder trust in that during the term of the lead trust, the income beneficiary is the charity, not the donor. When the trust terminates, the asset funding the trust reverts back to you (the donor) or your family. This type of gift is an excellent method for you to fulfill a current capital campaign commitment and pass assets onto heirs in a tax-efficient manner. 

LIFE INSURANCE GIFTS can be made by simply naming St. Mary Medical Center as the beneficiary or a new or existing policy. For estate tax purposes, you may also want to name St. Mary as the owner of the policy. In addition, an irrevocable ownership transfer of a policy to St. Mary would qualify for an immediate charitable income tax deduction. 

A RETAINED LIFE ESTATE allows you to gift your home to St. Mary, while continuing to live in it. While you would still be responsible for the taxes, insurance, and maintenance, you would be entitled to an immediate and significant charitable income tax deduction. This type of gift is an excellent gift for donors who want to transfer their home out of their estate, yet want to remain in it as long as possible. 

REAL ESTATE GIFTS include your personal residences, vacation homes, rental properties, or even a vacant piece of land. Real estate gifts carry many tax benefits, including an immediate charitable income tax deduction on the full gain tax liability that would be due if the property were sold. Appreciated real estate is often used to fund charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities. A CHARITABLE 

GIFT ANNUITY is a gift that is a legal contract between you and St. Mary Medical Center. In exchange for a gift of cash, securities or real estate, St. Mary will pay you and up to one other person a guaranteed fixed income stream for life. Since a gift annuity is a gift, you are entitled to an immediate charitable tax deduction. Also, if funded with cash, approximately one-half of the annuity payment is considered tax-free income. Gift annuity rates are based solely on the age of the annuitant. Currently while a 70 year-old is entitled to an annuity rate of 6.5% people 90 and over qualify for a rate of 11.3%. 

We strongly advise you to consult with your personal advisors before making any charitable gift commitment.